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"like in the good old days"

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The Cretan diet would never be what it is without the "paximadi" this traditional rusk or "hard bread" baked in Crete since the Antiquity. The "Tradition" prepares for you this delicious wholemeal bread from corn, barley and rye, all raised in the fertile plain of Messaras, in the south of Crete. These cereals are ground in the local millstone, in the same way it used to be in the 'good old days'.
The recipes used for the preparation of these rusks are always the same, hold from generation to generation. The cereals and the products used in the composition are all as pure and natural as in the older days. Originally, the Creten people used to bake their bread only once a month, so they had to find a way to preserve it. So, after baking their "paximadi", they had to dry them and eliminate all the humidity. Then, when they wanted to eat some, they just nedded to moisten it lightly to get a delicious wholemeal bread, which had kept all its vitamines and properties, exactly like a fresh baked bread. As every wholemeal bread the fibers of the "paximadi" help for the good functioning of our intestines. It has a high dietetic value and it is essential in a well balanced diet. It is recommended to people who take care of their health and diet. You can keep the "paximadi" for a long time, in a dry place, without any alteration of its properties. So it can be great of help in case your baker is closed or some friend arrive unexpectedly for dinner. The Cretan people, of course, eat with every meal, and you will follow their example very fast, when you try it...Cretan Bakery Tsiknakis produces organic certified and plain paximadi. Click Here for Export information and inquiries