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The "Strofilia Traditional Tastes" industry was founded in 1993 in Strofilia, Evia, Greece.
It's main activity being the production, processing and packaging of choice produce of Greek earth.
Our ambition is to offer to the modern consumer a series of produce of the highest quality and nutritious value within the range of Mediterranean nutrition.
Strofilia Tastes are currently present in many countries worldwide including UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Australia.
If you wish to benefit from our products, and include Strofilia products range in your shop or distribution/import business you may contact us through the Contact registration link above.

With respect for Greek nature and tradition and applying modern technology, we offer the products below.
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Pures of Olives
Pures of Florina Peppers
Sun-baked Tomatoes in Olive Oil
Sun-baked Tomatoes with Capers and Olives
Eggs-plant Salad
Tomatoe Juice with Feta Cheese
Vine Leaves
Dried Figs in Honey
 ·  Macedonian Peppers stuffed with Mixed Cheeses
 ·  Florina Peppers stuffed with Mixed Cheeses
 ·  Bell Peppers stuffed with Mixed Cheeses
 ·  Vine Leaves with Cheese

Green Halkidikis Olives stuffed with:
 ·  Almonds
 ·  Garlic
 · Orange
 · Lemon
 · Cheese
 · Kalamon Olives
 · Black Amphisse Olives
 ·  Sliced Black and Green Olives
...traditional tastes