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Details about the Company History
The company was founded in 1926 by Lazaros Papageorgiou. In 1937 due to the high demand for its products, the company was operating two shops in the centre of Thessaloniki, one of which is still in operation today.

In 1967, the second generation, Lazaros Papageorgiou’s children, created today’s manufacturing plant, in 11 acres of land in Kalohori, Thessaloniki, ensuring that all free space is covered with trees and plants.
Personal supervision, strict adherence to hygiene, the selection of the best fruits that the Greek land is offering and the traditional recipes, leaded to its products having the biggest market share in Northern Greece, where the company is operating. Today, the company is run by the third generation, who combine specific scientific knowledge with respect to tradition.
The products, The capabilities, The benefits
Traditional Greek sweets by Papageorgiou SA, comprise of four main categories: Sweet Fruit preserves, Marmalades-Jams, Loucoums, Vanilla and Mastic sweet, as well as pure concentrated cherry juice. All products are available in retail and catering packs, under company's label and private label.

The annual production capacity for export is in the range of 40mt total. In the case of a long term distribution agreement this quantity can be significantly increased. Each product comes from the fresh fruits, so it is important to arrange the supply of the fruits during the harvest period and in view of any agreement. Products like Loucoum, Vanilla, Masticha as well as the concentrated cherry juice can be produced all year round.
Company's respect in tradition and quality, the pure and finest raw materials used in production, the original recipes and the unique experience, since 1926, ensure that the product you are going to offer to your market is tasteful, well packaged and price competitive. A new range of products for your market and the necessary marketing plan, is ready to help you strengthen your position in your local market. You are welcome to contact us.
Position of the products in the markets
Greek Traditional sweets are well connected to the Greek hospitality. In Greek homes, each guest is always welcomed with a traditional sweet, usually homemade as a gesture of Welcome, 'Kalos irthes'. Traditional sweets have always been the main focus of small and large food industries in Greece. Their products carry a long lasting tradition, from one family to the other, and the eating habit has been spread in Europe, North America and Australia, initially by the many Greek immigrants, so nowdays there is a place on the shelf of supermarkets and delicatessens in many places where one can find these products and enjoy the taste of these unparalleled sweets. Like the famous 'Lebanese sweets', Greek traditional sweets, well known and established in the Greek market, have now entered the international market and play a significant role in this sector.
Papageorgiou SA in the World markets - Cooperation
Papageorgiou SA, well established in Greece, has managed to play a significant role in this section of the food industry. The commitment and continous effort for excellence of all members of the company, has put 'Papageorgiou' traditional sweets in many markets worldwide. Key exports are made to the markets of Germany, Austria, Belgium, N.America, Luxemburg and Sweeden. Company's export targets for the next period are to increase its presence and market share in the countries listed above and also to enter the French, UK and Canada market.
The company has also recognized opportunities in other markets like SE Asia, Middle East and North Africa and is open to discuss and form new cooperations with established distributors, importers, catering and retail outlets. Interested companies are welcome to contact us through the 'Contact' link above and view the products at the 'Product' link.