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The main objectives of the company are:
1. Elaboration of nuts and coffee for own exploitation, or on behalf of other companies.
2. Trade of the above mentioned products.
3. Continuous resarch for the development of new brands and product lines, Exports worldwide.
4. The creation of products with exquisite taste that adds flavour to the cosumers' lives together with continuous adaptation to today's nutritional concerns and requirements.

The company' s turnover for the year 2004 is estimated to be 10 million Euros
The company differs from the other competitors, in the following parts:

Kalatheris products are currently present in many countries worldwide. We welcome business requests for cooperation. You can view our product lines through the associated links above and place your inquiry through the contact link. We look forward to create new and promising Business partnerships based on quality products and mutual trust.
B.Kalatheris Bros S.A.
N.Artaki Evia, P.C.
34600 Greece
Modern production capabilities
Powerful sales network - great number of clients
Capabilities of manufacturing new products
Independent network of obtaining raw materials
Management experience
Quality Certification
The quality of KALATHERIS S.A. is certified by ISO.9002, ISO.9001 as well as by HACCP. Therefore, the company is capable to comply with any future guidelines of the E.U., referring to the quality and the production method of foods.
From the family of 1927 to the big industry of 2001
In 1927 Triantafyllos Kalatheris descended from Asia Minor opens the first coffee roaster in Chalkis. This very shop of 1927 set the standards for its age and the scents of coffee parchment and nuts baking filled the air of the marketplace. The small family cottage industry was developed, and by 1952 the shop is owned by the founder's brother. Emmanuel Kalatheris.

Kalatheri - Products
In the year 1970, George and Konstantinos Kalatheris make the first important investment in the company's history, by buying machinery, which is installed in hired installations of total area 450 sq.m. In the year 1979 the company decides to erect modern privately owned installations and to buy edge-technology machinery which was installed in a covered area of 1500 sq.m. in Near Artaki, Evia island.
The main purpose of that investment, was the optimization of parceling nuts. The packages of the company set the age's new standards for the roasted nuts branch. Vacuum Packaging was one of the KALATHERIS' Company innovations. The total covered area in 1996, had reached 2000 sq. m. Year 1996 was the most important year for the growth and the development of KALATHERIS BROS SA. During this year, company's development plan anticipated a 5-year investment of 4 million Euros, in various activities of the company. The completed investment was allocated in buildings, installations and advanced computer equipment and machinery.
The best taste
Expansion to abroad
KALATHERIS S.A. has expanded the recent years in Europe and the World Market, having made confident steps towards this direction.
The products that are now available in the market are separated in 3 main categories: 1. Roasted Nuts - parceled and on the draft 2. Coffee Products - parceled and on the draft and 3. Various Products -candies, dried fruits etc. The sales distribution for the year 2003 is depicted below: The greater sales are achieved by the roasted nuts category (parceled and on the draft) that covers 69% and it is an important part of the enterprise activity. Next, there are various products with 18% (these include trade and exports of raw and crude coffee) and then, is coffee which holds a percentage of 14%.

 ·  Pistachios
 ·  Almonds
 ·  Raisins
 ·  Coffee

Companys' customer number is up to 2.500 and their geographical distribution covers the whole area of Greece, with the largest density in Attica (greater Athens area), Evia and Central Greece. It has also managed to establish a remarkable presence in Duty Free Shops through which it has achieved a great awareness of its products. The strategic aim of the company is a more aggressive penetration in Duty Free Shops in Europe as well as large food chains.
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