The Greek word 'Melissokomia' simply means the art of making Honey. The Honey production enterprise 'Tsiminis' is located in the North East of Attica perfecture, in the Greater Athens area. This area along with nearby Euboea island and Parnassos mountains has a long history of apiculture dated back to the ancient times. The legends related to these areas, the honey and the Greek Gods, are widely found in Greek Mythology and perfectly describe the usage of Honey as 'Nectar' of the Gods. The long history and experience of our company defines the purity of our products. Before we describe our products please note that our enterprise specializes in the trade of bees. Should you have an interest in this direction please contact us.

e keep production units in all these areas for many years and we constantly check for the conditions and climate where the beehives are placed. We collect the honey in its natural habitat, in geographical locations reach in natural wild flora, and we guarantee the high quality and taste of our products. We produce several products based on our natural raw material, the Greek honey.

Our products include
-Honey, based on: flowers, thyme and conifer trees
-Bee Propolis produced directly from our beehives
-Natural Olive oil soap
-Wine based on Honey, a unique blend of Honey at low alcohol volume and pure crystal mineral water, made to our recipe, has produced a new taste and a unique energizer drink ideal as an after or before dinner aperitif.
-Candles made to every shape and design suitable for Gifts shop and alike.

We welcome Business proposals for bringing our products to your clientele. We welcome agents, distributors, and Business who deal with the trade and introduction of pure natural products in their local or overseas market. We mainly seek cooperation with chains of Health stores as well as Businesses who seek pure natural products. Use the 'Products' link to view some of our products and the 'Contact' link to place your inquiry.
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