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How to Shop

You can use our secure on-line order system to place your order, select and check shipping method and cost.
The shopping steps are the following:
Click on the Add button next to a product to place it in your shopping basket. You can change the quantity ordered in the shopping basket. Enter the quantity in the box provided and Click on Change or Remove to update the Shopping Basket.
Click at Continue Shopping to return to the products page. As soon as you place all your products in the shopping basket, select Shipping Destination and Payment method, and click on CheckOut button. You will be asked for the shipping and billing address. Please make sure to enter correct data and correct email address.
Then click on Place Order to complete the process. If you pay by Visa/Master card you will be directed to our bank's secure page to enter your credit card details. Any messages that warn you about a Non Secure connection are the result of a Browser fault, the program you use to surf on the Internet.
When the payment process is complete you will see a final page which contains your order details. You can print it for future reference. A copy of it, is always send to your e-mail address.

All orders travel in absolute secure boxes (100% guaranteed) and arrive at destination promptly (Europe within 6 business days, all other destinations within 12 business days). Shipment is made within the next two business days following the order and payment or receipt of payment. Available payment methods are: Secure on-line Visa/Master credit card payment, wire transfer, personal check, Secure off-line Visa/Master credit card payment and Fax Order.

*** Our on-line Visa/Master card bank payment system requires that all credit card data be entered in a specific way. Many people don't type the cardholder name as it is exactly printed on the card or include spaces between the card numbers. The year 2001,2002.. should be written as 01 or 02 and so on. The secure payment process needs about 30sec to be activated and 40sec to authorize the transaction. If you have trouble connecting to our Bank then try the Secure Off-line Visa/Master credit card payment method.


Methods of Payment

One of major concerns is security. Internet has been criticised for lack of security especially for on-line payments. has taken all necessary measures and applies the most secure technology for your on-line payments.
Furthermore we provide alternative methods of payment like Cash on Delivery, Wire transfer, Check by Post and Fax order to maximize Visitor and Customer confidence in our Secure policy.
Our Secure On-line Visa/Master Credit Card method of payment is the most popular.
Due to the secure technology used by our Bank some people who are on a LAN, behind a firewall or use a rare combination of browser and operating system have faced difficulties completing their orders through this method.
For this reason introduced the Secure Off-line Visa/Master Credit card transaction in order to help all our Visitors complete their orders. The credit card data are transferred with 40 bit encryption code offerring maximum security and are only used by to complete your specific order. If you have faced difficulties using our Secure On-line method please feel comfortable to use the Secure Off-line method. You will experience the same Service and Support as all our Visitors and Customers have experiencd so far!


Security and Privacy Policy

On-line Credit Card Data that you enter to complete a purchase are not stored anywhere, are known only to the Credit Card Authority, and are transmitted using 128 bit encryption IDEA method, the maximum security method that is used today by all Banks.
All other personal data you enter to complete a purchase are transmitted using 40 bit encryption code offerring maximum security for your data and are only used by in order to communicate with you and send you the products.
Your personal data are stored locally on a password protected computer not connected on Internet, not visible to anybody.
We don't sell, publish or share the personal data of our visitors and customers.


Money back Gurantee

All our products are covered by a money back Guarantee.
If any product arrives at destination in a damadged condition you should send us, via fax or email, the appropriate papers from the shipping company. The value of the product(s) will be charged back to your account.
Lost parcels are reshipped to destination at no extra cost.


Cookies and Shopping Capabilities

Our server's Cookies are harmless tools that offer you better and faster shopping capabilities.
To buy more than one product in the same shopping basket your browser should allow for cookies.
If you cannot put more than one item in your basket then:
For Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 go at: View - Internet Options - Security, click at "Medium Security". Then go at "Advanced" and in the field cookies choose "Prompt before accepting cookies". At the security Alert button press "OK".
For NetScape go at: Edit - Preferences - Category Advanced, click at "Accept only cookies that can sent back to the originating server" and then Ok. At the Question whether to accept a Cookie click Ok.


Travel and Duties

All products originate from Greece.
We pack them in perfect condition and in safe boxes in our establishment in Athens. Your orders travel to you free of any extra charges. Orders of net value larger than 100 USD or 110 Euro may be subject to your country's local Duties.
All orders travel in absolute secure boxes (100% guaranteed) and arrive at destination promptly (Europe within 6 business days, all other destinations within 12 business days). Shipment is made within the next two business days following the order and payment or receipt of payment. There is no minimum amount of order.


Measures Table

Weight measures

100 gr = 3.520 oz
100 gr = 0.225 lb

Volume measures

1 lt = 35.211 liquid oz (UK)
1 lt = 33.780 liquid oz (US)


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