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three centuries of tradition
three centuries of tradition
Gavalas Vineyard
Santorini is the jewel among the group of islands of Cyclades.
The soil of Santorini has calcareous origin and is covered by ashes, scoria, lava and pumice-stone. The rains on the island are few and winds very strong.Consequently there is on the one hand small effiiciency of vineyards in acres but on the other hand excellent quality of the wine.
Santorini Wines
The vineyard of Santorini have never been struck by any disease.

The wine industry Gavalas deals exclusively with the section of wine of Santorini since the end of the 19th century.
The first two decades of the 20th century our wine, which is produced in our private vineyards, was largely exported to Alexandria of Egypt, while during the 30's it was entered into Greek market too.
It was carried by mules in wine-skins and was transported from the town of Santorini to the bay of Fira where it was decated in barrels of 600 kilos, which were called bombos and in a small boats (caiques) it reached its destination.
Since 1998 we have been bottling the wines of the wine industry "Gavalas vineyard" in our modern wine factory in Megalohori of Santorini. George Gavalas, owner and third-generation winemaker, is personally responsible for the quality and making of the wine.

Gavalas wines are currently exported in the USA. US businesses are welcome to contact us through the contact link above so to locate our wines in the US. George Gavalas also welcomes export inquiries from wine related companies and small buisnesses who are capable to establish a long-term relationship with minimum orders of at least 500 bottles.