Evharis Estate
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The Company


y combining their names, Eva and Harry, came up with the name EVHARIS. The word 'evharis' in Greek, is used to describe a person friendly and pleasant to other people.

Two leading figures from the business world, Eva-Maria Boehme and Harry Antoniou, relying on the traditional values of Greece's wine-making culture, turned their life-long dream into reality by creating a heavenly vineyard and a state-of-the-art winery on the slopes of the Gerania Mountains, just a few kilometres from Athens.

The Vineyard

In a landscape dotted with the abandoned remains of traditional wine presses, Eva and Harry converted the old vineyards into modern linear ones.

The soil, rich in calcium and trace elements, is the raised bed of what was once a fresh water lake which neighboured the sea. The microclimate of mild winters and cool summers, creates an ecosystem ideal for the cultivation of the vineyard.
The Winery
The estate's treasure is found in the eight varieties cultivated across the 22-hectare well-tented vineyard offered by the soft hillsides. The vineyard spreads facing the north, enabling the wind to pass amongst the plants and ensuring that the grapes breathe properly, that are properly ventilated and keeping at bay excessive humidity.
Next to the old stone winepress, they have created a state-of-the-art winery. The winery is outfitted with presses, refrigereators, barrels and a bottling facility which, all together, serve the grape and the wine. The spotless stainless steel containers ensure the proper hygienic conditions and thermal control of the fermentation, while the wines mature in the air-conditioned underground cellars with brand-new oaken barrels from France without being aged by time- but to the contrary, being improved. A large area of the winery is devoted to the hosting of wine-tasting events and seminars on wine, its history and culture. It is, therefore, not by chance that, in light of all this, Evharis wines belong to the category of Regional Wine of Gerania and receive awards in Greek and international wine contests. Evharis Estate

Our Mission
At the old times, matured wine from the famed cellars of Megara left the harbour of Pachi on boats destined for ports as far off as France. It is the mission of Evharis Estate now, that these routes are reborned untouched by the passage of time and both Greek and international markets enjoy fine quality wines ...