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Dimitrios Dougos, a vine nursery owner in profession, initially started wine making as an amateur, driven by his passion for vineyards in 1983. He traveled extensively in V.Q.P.R.D areas and bought the best quality grapes, which he then used to make wine for his own use and that of friends. However, in a small town such as Larissa, good news travels fast. As a result, more and more wine lovers came to taste and eventually bought his exquisite wines.

This great response on behalf of the people, who pretty soon reached far out of the city limits, led him in 1992 to the foundation of a firm, the acquisition and cultivation of private vineyards and the construction of small traditional winery for the production of bottled wine. The administration of the firm has now passed to the family's son, Thanos, an agriculturist, and his sister, Louisa, a chemist and currently studying to become an enologist.

Whether you are a Business involved in wines or just a wine lover you are welcome to contact us through the Contact link above. A visit to our winery will be a day to remeber, a great adventure & pleasure for you. You can view each wine separately at the Products link.