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Greek Coffee
In BRAVO, quality control is ensured in all stages of coffee processing under strict standards that have been implemented in order to satisfy every consumer.

Our company being very sensitive in quality issues, has conducted research and a plan HACCP long before our legislation demanded it.

There is a special Quality Control department where the quality of the final product is being tested, according to company standards. A team of expert testers from inside the company make daily taste tests, evaluate and check the product in order to ensure 100% quality coffee. Only when the above conditions are met will the final product be ready so you can enjoy BRAVO's tasteful and aromatic coffee every day.
It is very important that the quality of the coffee meets all the specified requirements. Therefore, they are carried out continuous quality checks during the whole production process. These spot checks take place in the factory as well as in the sampling room.

Green coffee
In the sampling room experts firstly judge the appearance of the coffee. Then they roast, grind and taste it. This takes place in order to establish the definite quality of the batch. If this differs from the test samples based on which the coffee was purchased, the purchasers are contacted. If the quality is good, which is mostly the case, the batch is given a quality code.

Roasted coffee
For each blend ear-marked for roasting, the company has certain specifications in place to ensure that the color and the moisture content of the roasted coffee remain consistent. Every hour, samples are taken from the roasters and checked for these properties. If necessary, the operator can adjust the process. Experts regularly receive samples from the roasting plant, which they assess for color, moisture content and flavor.

Ground coffee
Producing the correct grind for the various brewing methods is the job of the mills in the factory, and an operator is responsible for their calibration. Samples are also regularly sent from the mills to the sampling room for inspection.

After being roasted and ground, the coffee is packed. The packaging material is inspected in advance to make sure that it meets all the necessary criteria to ensure that the full aroma of the coffee is retained up to the point of consumption. Once the packed coffee has been loaded onto pallets, a few more samples are taken to undergo a thorough check.

First of all the appearance of the packaging is examined and then checked to see if the production date and best before date have been added. Once again, packets of coffee are sent to the sampling room, where they are judged on color, moisture content and flavor.

Finally, with the aid of the so-called 'leak-test', the vacuum packaging is examined to make sure that it really is air-tight. Another method to avoid the oxygen to stale the coffee is to be packed under protective atmosphere. If any oddities are found, the whole batch is held back and the faulty packages removed. Pallets without any irregularities are immediately sent to the distribution center for delivery to the customer.

Over 150 people are today connected directly and indirectly with our company's activities.

People, who above all, share the passion, the desire and the expertise for good coffee. People that know coffee well.