that's what coffee is...

Greek Coffee
The history of BRAVO started in 1923 in the heart of Athens' trade center, where the Samourkas family had two traditional coffee shops. In the early '50s, the two youngest members Theodoros Samourkas and his cousin Dimitris Apostolidis brought a new growth to the business, establishing the BRAVO Βrazilian coffee industry.
Bravo coffee

In the years to come, the quality of fresh ground Greek coffee will be synonymous to the well known BRAVO coffee store at Panepistimiou and Patision Ave, which had the biggest coffee grinder in Greece as well as the unique for that period, automatic packaging machines.

· In 1953, the BRAVO coffee package in tins was an exclusive innovation, which gave the company its high reputation, as well as sales profits in high levels. The slogan 'every sip and BRAVO' will be synonymous for many years with the taste and delight of Greek coffee. The innovations continued and,

· In 1957, BRAVO became the first company to organize the Greek distribution network, in order to bring BRAVO coffee to every area of the country. Development efforts and good quality never stopped.

· In 1963, pioneer minds of the company invented the new foil material package in order to preserve fresh coffee.

· In 1973, BRAVO was able to preserve fresh coffee with new packages in a hard pack. Every pack was air free.

· During these decades, BRAVO's innovating packaging was honored with various awards for Research and Invention and consumers are enjoying our aromatic coffee more and more.

· The continuous growing consuming lead, in 1973, to the creation of two new plants, Oinofyta Viotias and Kifisos.

· The innovating, air tight packaging launched back in 1980, which only BRAVO could offer, confirmed that the company was years ahead of its time and its competitors.

· Company advertisements with the familiar logo 'BRAVO, that's what coffee is' are still among the most successful in the history of Greek advertising. Greek coffee BRAVO still accompanies the small daily moments in Greek consumers lives.

· During the 90’s the continuous investments and the combination of new ideas preserved the BRAVO coffee tradition, its leadership and its continuous development.

· In 2004, BRAVO is reaching its creative peak and is ready to further expand its business activities to the world market.