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Greek Coffee
BRAVO comprises the most important enterprise of the coffee sector in Greece and it is a company with great history and tradition in the making of Greek coffee.
Since 1923, the year of company’s establishment, the quality of fresh ground Greek coffee will be synonymous to the well known BRAVO.

Today, BRAVO is a modern company using the latest production methods, combined with dynamic marketing, an important export activity and a multi sided presence in communication support. The coffee is roasted in our plant at Oinofyta, while the grinding and packaging are done in our plant at Egaleo in the greater Athens’ area.

BRAVO is the only company in the Greek market with many years of experience in Greek coffee with BRAVO Classic, BRAVO Light and BRAVO Dark.

For our people the virtues have remained the same since many years. Love, longing and insight for the 'fine' coffee, and most of all respect towards the consumer. The consumer who through the years has created strong bonds with our products, who has been our most 'strict' judge and is always the first recipient of our communication.

BRAVO counts on Greek coffee and sees for the development of the 'Greek coffee' category by applying aggressive regional marketing and continuous research for the development of new products.

We, the BRAVO people put daily in our work all our enthusiasm, our creativity and affection for what we do. We STAND BY the consumer, BEHIND his needs and are always ONE STEP AHEAD the developments that are related with him... and we are really very proud for that!