Bouillon d'Or Catering Products

Greek Products

Trofotechniki SA, specialized in the production of culinary products, produces the Bouillon d' Or catering product range.

Since 1987, the year of its establishment, the company activates with great success in the food industry area by producing and dealing with auxiliary food materials as well as products for mass food use and Mediterranean nutrition products.

The company's products are produced from the purest raw materials under strict certified quality standards, ensuring their singular quality and rich taste.

Bouillon d'Or Products

Bouillon d' Or Chicken Soup
One of the main goals of the Trofotechniki SA is to contribute with credibility to the continuous improvement of quality and taste of the culinary dishes as a whole, thus the company's people keep tabs on the latest trends of the professional cookery.

Towards this direction the
Bouillon d' Or products comprise the most valuable tools for every chef.

Taking into account the fact that the unfailing raw materials of the Greek land are of the best quality, Trofotechniki SA marched in the development and production of fine products based on the olive oil,
the vinegar, the olives and the excellent flavour plants of the Greek nature.
TThe Bouillon d' Or products are produced in company's modern installations, in the Salonica Industrial Area from first-rate raw materials under strict quality and health standards.