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The Greek Bee keeping center is a company dedicated in the collection, standardization and packaging of Greek honey and pasteli the unique sesame seed sweet snack made with honey. We offer to our clients in Europe, North America and Middle East, honey products of high quality and added value to satisfy their markets and offer extra benefits to their business. Our honey production line includes a variety of packaging in glass jars ranging from 140gr-5oz to 950gr-2lb net content and honey portions for hotel and catering use.
Honey Melinthon
We offer two qualities of Honey, one coming from Honey collected mainly in the Greek mainland at high altitudes rich in flowers and herbs, and Honey collected mainly in the Greek islands rich in thyme honey.Both products are of excellent taste and quality and are offered as complementary products or separate, according to your market needs. The brands are "Melinthon" and "Thymariston". We are open to discuss long term agreements for products under our label or private label. Our packaging capacity is at 1200kgr/hr ideal to satisfy even the most demanding markets. The sesame snack, "pasteli" is produced in small packaging of 60gr-2.8oz in small clear plastic pack.

To include our products in your portfolio and get all the benefits of Greek Honey in your business, you can use the Product link and Contact link above to view the products and contact us directly. If you are interested in small quantity our minimum orders start from single mixed pallets of approximately 600kgr gross weight each.

Products Description-Greek Honey
The apiculture is the art of the bee cultivating in order to produce honey. Honey is a fluid saccharine substance with a special flavor. This flavor comes from the nectar of the plants and flowers absorbed by the bee. The quality of the honey itself depends on the type of the plant or flower visited by the bee. The best honey comes from the thyme, lavender, rosemary, lime-tree and orange-tree. The main factor for successful honey productive areas is the variety of habitats able to give the adequate quality of honey.
Honey Thymariston
Honey, rich in micro-elements and vitamins, gives vitality and energy, enables growth of body and mind and forms the basis of the healthy nutrition.
It is the natural "sweet remedy" for sore throats, insomnia and the common cold. It effectively helps regeneration of lung cells, particularly beneficial to smokers.

The excellent climatic conditions of the greek land, combined with ambudantly growing indigenous herbs and plants, give Greek honey its exceptionally unique clarity, colour, texture and taste. Greek honey is one of the most precious products of Greek Nature.

Honey and Nutrition Honey Melinthon
As part of our every day diet it is very healthy for breakfast! For example spread on the bread or mixed with milk or yoghurt and cereals. Honey is a source of high energy and as such is perfect for an afternoon energy-boost mixed in our coffee or tea instead of sugar or spread over walnuts or white soft cheese. It is also used in many recipes for sauces and for "stuffing" chicken and duck.